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Μετάβαση στην Ελληνική Σελίδα
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Introducing the Newest Approach to Collecting Greek Stamps
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The Digital Filatelist Hellenic Edition is the home for Greek Stamps in electronic form. High quality pictures of Greek Stamps are available individually or grouped in sets on cards as issued by the Postal Service.
The Hobby
Philately can be a lot of fun and need not be expensive. Saving stamps can be accomplished in a number of ways and may cost you a lot of money or very little. Whether you have recently started collecting stamps or are thinking about starting be on the lookout for ways that best fit your interests and budget.
While most collectors find saving stamps a great experience, it can be a lengthy process and may also be very expensive. With Digital stamps you have the opportunity to build your collection in a very short time, get acquainted with the stamps and use it as practical guidance at your pace for your collecting needs.
Greek Philately

  Saving stamps from a particular part of the world is one of the many different types of collections for stamps enthusiasts. Certain Greek stamps may have special value for collectors while all have value for those with Greek ethnic background or interested in the Greek spirit, culture, history, politics, economy, landscape, etc
Digital Greek Stamps

  • A whole new dimension for the Greek stamps enthusiast
  • Organize and manage your collection the way you want
  • Use it also as the most practical Greek Stamps Catalogue adding only updates
  • Set up your own collection of Greek Stamps in electronic form easily and inexpensively
Images of Greek Stamps

  • Great quality high-resolution 24-bit color Greek stamp images
  • Greek Stamps images in both complete issue in cards and individually
  • Descriptive information on Issues and stamps also available
Now on PC-Book

  The entire Greek Digital Philatelist collection comprises of over 2500 images of Greek issues and individual stamps, which can be made available to everyone in the form of PC-Books. Even better quality images, elegantly arranged with all applicable information, packed in a small size downloadable self-contained file for your viewing pleasure and reference.
Greek Stamps on your Computer
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